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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I approach one of your clients with regards to a personal appearance, interview or publicity request?

Please email all requests to title the request with the client's full name 

How do I send fan mail to one of your clients? 

All fanmail should be addressed as follows:

Client’s Name (FAN MAIL)

c/o Crawford Marriott Associates

32 St Clements Mansions Lillie Road 



If your request is for an autograph please enclose an SAE (stamped, addressed envelope) with UK postage. Requests for autographs without an SAE will not be processed.

  • Please be aware that for security reasons, all letters to clients must be opened before being forwarded on.

  • Please note that we cannot track letters or packages. Please do not call or email to chase for a response.

  • Please note that we cannot accept any sort of currency and that if you enclose currency we will have to return your letter to you.

  • Please do not send perishable items.

  • Please do not send any valuable or personal items as we cannot be held responsible for any items lost or damaged in the post.

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